Coronavirus Online status checker


Coronavirus Online status checker
Coronavirus Online status checker

Online status checker that monitors coronavirus

Before we jump into the tool, we have to explain what this tool is. For starters, according to this website, over 600,000 infections have been reported in Sri Lanka by 10 October.

It is during this time that a community started checking the updates made on Twitter. It’s important to notice that certain special mentions were spamming users about this matter in Sri Lanka.

Accounts in social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be controlled by users when setting up an account. However, no self-respecting or conscientious person would give someone in charge of their account access to their account or information. So, for this community and several others, controlling their accounts was the only option they had. Their only stop was using tweets.

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What is Twitter?

Users can set up accounts in more than 150 countries worldwide on Twitter. Since 2014, Twitter now has more than 330 million active users who create more than one billion tweets per week. On average, 50 million tweets are posted per day.

It is claimed that this tool creates a bit too much word pollution within the community. The tweet trolls are out to let people know that they are not likely to take responsibility. That they will take the blame for every cyber-attack or attempt to hack accounts.

What is Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It emerged in 2019. Right now, there are approximately 215 million infections with an increasing caseload in most countries. It is most common in the world of developing nations.

Coronavirus Online status checker

Coronavirus has nothing to do with what the virus does to the human body. It has to do with the respiratory system changing. The virus enters the nasal surface, where it multiplies (the cells of the respiratory and respiratory organs are damaged). It then spreads through the body, including to other parts of the brain. The heart and body cells damage together, meaning that some of the cells in the right lung, the central part of the brain, and even in the stomach are damaged. The virus even damages nerves, which stops the heart from beating.

This coronavirus can cause severe complications such as meningitis, paralysis, death, and permanent blindness.

About AI

Over the last four years, AI has been in the spotlight because it is finally being used by government agencies to help control the coronavirus outbreak. AI helped double the number of vaccinated people in 2020 to around 50 million.

But, why should we use AI?

Drs. Dolchkorn and German explain that AI is a relatively new and exciting phenomenon, which also gives us access to many options for the future. And in this regard, social media can be a very important tool for the government.

It is believed that governments need technology to recognize and understand the current state of the epidemic at a very fast pace. Given the tens of thousands of tweets on Twitter, this can aid government agencies to share news, make preparations, and focus efforts to tackle the pandemic from the right perspective.

Drs. Dolchkorn and German note that AI can save millions of lives. Even when doctors won’t be able to give correct and convenient advice on many cases of coronavirus. But, considering the billions of social media posts we will see, not every person will have the right information about the condition.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this quote: “every new device brings new challenges and opportunities to industries.” — Divya Dolchkorn

Coronavirus LIVE Communities Guide

As I mentioned above, people from all over the world are checking the response to the Covid-19 crisis. Being informed and more importantly, without fear. We should learn that through research and data, we can learn more about the pandemic. This is what this tool is trying to provide. We have no idea what happened in the past but can learn that from the past mistakes of many people. I think people who use this tool are aware of their mistakes. A community needs guidance and we need to play our part in ensuring we get it right. For more information and access to community moderators of this tool, click here.