The Quickest Way To Create Popular Web Pages

 The Quickest Way To Create Popular Web Pages

 If you're like me, your website has many pages. Just look at my website here, Subhendu Biswas. XYZ, my ad agency. But we all create all these web pages on things like our work, or services, even blog content. And you know what? A lot of them barely get any traffic. Wouldn't it be great if when you create a webpage, it got tons of traffic? Hey everyone, I'm Subhendu Biswas, and today I'm going to break down the quickest way to create a webpage that generates tons of traffic. 

 Now, before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and you're, if you're on YouTube, click the alert notification. So the first thing I want you to do is to head on over to Ubersuggest, you need to go to or Then what I want you to do is type in one of your competitor's domains. If you don't know a competitor, or who your competitor maybe, just think about what industry you're in. So for example, I'm in the SEO industry. So I may type in the word SEO, or I can get very really specific and go like, SEO company. So as you can see here, Moz ranks for SEO, Search Engine Land, that's another one. And some of the web pages that my competition has, they're blog posts, some of them are. But what I'm going to do here is I'm just going to put it on

 That's an example of someone in my space. And what I want to do is break down, all right, how do I go out there and create really popular web pages really fast? Well, whenever you put in a competitor domain name into Ubersuggest, it tells you the roughly monthly traffic and their authority. And then I want you to click on Top Pages by Traffic. This breaks down, I got to put in Moz,  This breaks down the most popular web pages on their website. As you can see here, the beginner's guide to SEO,

what is SEO

 Free tools, this is really cool. I can create a page on free tools, even if I don't have free tools myself, what I could do is I can link to other people's tools in my space, maybe add affiliate links. Like, as you can see here, this is not really a big competing, or this isn't really like a text-based heavy webpage. It's just a page on free tools. And when I click here under View All, it'll show me all the keywords they use to get that traffic. I can export it as well. So, I can just have that list. And now I know, all right, I should go and create an article on free SEO tools. And if I do that, I can actually point them to Ubersuggest, because there's a free version of it. Like, you know, you don't have to pay for it and then go from there. And I probably can generate more traffic. Here's another one that's cool. Top 500 Most Popular Websites and I can keep scrolling down. And as I scroll down, I'd be like, all right, I can just go and pick ones from my competitors that are great, that I want to duplicate. And I can do this for many, many competitors. Like WordStream, even though they mainly sell pay-per-click services, my ad agency NP Digital also offers pain management services. 

So, I can create articles based on, or web pages, based on what's working for them. They have a free keyword tool. They have a guide to online ad types. I think that would be really useful and it probably doesn't need to be as text-rich, maybe there's is, but I can create an article or infographic that just talks about the ad types, it's a lot more images than texts, And I can tell people in there, hey, if you need help with your ad types, check out my ad agency, NP Digital. Now what's cool about this report, and Uber sets the Top Pages by Traffic, anytime you put it in a quote-unquote competitor domain name. 

You can see all the keywords that that page ranks for. So, not only do you want to view the page, like I clicked to go view the page, I'm also here at the WordStream one. I can see all the keywords that they're including to get that traffic from Google. And that gives me ideas on what keywords I need to include within my content. And you can just keep doing that and go next, next, next. And you can see all the keywords that they're leveraging, which will help you not just create blog posts, but also web pages. So that way, you know what to focus on because as you can see here, not all the popular pages on a site are blog posts, like this, one's a blog, this one's a blog, this one's a blog and it keeps going. But the number one page isn't, you know, right here, this one isn't, this one isn't. And again, some are blogs posts, some aren't, but it just really depends on the competitor. 

 I recommend that you do this for all your competitors. And if your business is not based in the United States, don't worry. You can click on India for a competitor or Great Britain, and you could see who their most popular page is within that region and go through that formula all over again and replicate it. This strategy is super, super effective. I give this to my teams and that way when we look at our competitors and we're analyzing them, we focus on creating web pages that are super popular in our competition versus just creating whatever we want.

So then that way we are creating pages that generate traffic first and fast because we already know that they work super well. Now, if you need help with this strategy or you want my team to implement it for you, just check out my ad agency, NP Digital. Or, if you have questions, you can leave a comment below. We're here to help you out. And we're here to help you get the results, even if you don't have the money, no worries at all. If you enjoy the article, like it, share it,. Thank you very much for watching. Use this strategy, super effective. It's the easiest way to get traffic to a page fast. That way you're not just creating content that doesn't do well.